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Van Jones’s Non-Profit, Green For All, Chooses Hero Group as Digital Communications Agency

We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Van Jones and Green For All, an initiative that is dedicated to building an inclusive green economy that is strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

By working closely with Director Vien Truong and the broader organization, our partnership will further elevate the brand planning, identity messaging and execution – particularly in the digital / social arena – as the organization becomes more aggressive in their fight for environment, social and economic justice.

“Hero Group has been an incredible partner to Green For All. Their team has been a strong ally in fighting for solutions for our communities. Their creative genius, easy going manner, and unwavering commitment to support our work has been the support we needed to go from good to great.” -Vien Truong

This is a partnership that we couldn’t possess a greater level of pride or importance for.  A mission that truly defines what it means to be a hero.  

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