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Watch the First Clip from the Upcoming Amy Winehouse Documentary

After sharing the first trailer for Amy, the upcoming Amy Winehouse documentary, the team behind the movie has shared the first clip from the film. The 52-second excerpt features Winehouse speaking on her creative process, and her manager Nick Schmansky speaking on the distinction between writing songs and poems. We also get a look at the hand-written lyrics for “Cherry,” a track off Winehouse’s album Frank.

Low Line

Squeezing public spaces into cities that are increasingly built-up gets ever more difficult. One unusual solution is to build such spaces underground. That’s the plan for New York’s planned Lowline park, which will see an old trolley terminal renovated and illuminated with sunlight via fiberoptics.  More…

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Fresh Dressed

Style has always been quintessential part of the hip hop ethos. Sacha Jenkins’ documentary Fresh Dressed is a documentary film that chronicles the history of “hip hop” fashion. What the film demonstrates is that it’s not how much money an item or outfit costs, but the power ascribed to the pieces. The garments worn by those in hip hop are often not made to be worn by those donning them, but it’s the new energy that hip hop brings to those pieces which is truly special. Fresh Dressed will be released sometime next year, and will subsequently be aired on CNN.