Unlock the Millennial expertise of Hero’s own Tru Pettigrew with the release of his new book “Millennials Revealed. This empowering guide does double duty by helping businesses, brands and organizations connect, engage and retain the Millennial generation. While simultaneously helping Millennials better understand themselves and identify their life goals.


Millennials Revealed covers all the bases, addressing not only the generation gap, but also the cultural gap and the often overlooked expectation gap that exist between Millennials and their generational counterparts. It digs deeply to uncover why these gaps exist and how to mend them. “I wrote the book to help Millennials and those seeking to connect with Millennials to succeed.” says Pettigrew “In my experience working with this generation and the organizations seeking to connect with them, I quickly realized that this was the biggest generation gap that we have ever seen and that gap was fueled primarily by a difference in expectations.” Pettigrew continues, “’Millennials Revealed‘ is a guide that helps create and strengthen cross-generational connectivity and collaboration by helping organizations, and Millennials themselves, understand how to best meet and manage Millennial expectations.”

Join the conversation by purchasing the book here http://www.amazon.com/Millennials-Revealed-Tru-Pettigrew/dp/0692462139/