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Hero specializes in the Millennial consumer market. Millennials are driving a new methodology of media consumption, purchase behavior and product validation.   Hero invests heavily in understanding the behavioral trends of these elusive and trend savvy consumers.  Our proprietary approach and methodology to marketing to Millennials is built on real insights and years of experience directly engaging these consumers where they live and breathe.


Educating our clients on the behavioral values, lifestyle trends and psychographics shaping the Millennial mindset.


The power of social media has made Millennials the most expressive and socially curious generation in history. Unlimited access to information and culture has fragmented Millennials lifestyle interests, unlike ever before. Gone are the days where brands can just align with one lifestyle platform and think it will capture the hearts of a wide enough demographic to quantify success. Millennials thirst for culture and will gravitate to brands who not only demonstrate an inherent understanding of what drives them emotionally but make an active contribution to evolve their lifestyles.



While Millennials from all walks of life have a ton in common, there are subtle nuances per Millennial sub-target, that can have a profound impact on your communication strategy. Hero looks at all the external influences that shape the Millennial mindset and properly weight them against our clients Millennial target profile to help better contextualize their values and core beliefs, to ensure our clients are developing the appropriate messages